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Update 2.1 brought the community a whole host of new features and changes, perhaps the most hyped of which was the new game mode, Blitz Beta. In this article we’ll be looking at the fundamentals of Blitz and explore the interesting possibility of it becoming another arena for competitive play – pulling in both casual and competitive players alike.
So, what does Blitz offer? It was made on the principles of it being a short mode, with the certainty of it lasting 5 minutes allowing it to fulfil this promise. The objective is simple: reach 15 points quicker than the enemy team, or score a larger total before the timer runs out. For the times when it’s right down to the wire (equal scores), the match will move into sudden death where the next point wins. Points are awarded for two different actions – netting a kill wins 1 point, whereas objectives (Turrets, Gold Miner, Crystal Miner) are given greater importance at 3 points, making them attractive and highly-sought after targets. With this being a compact and dynamic mode, critical changes have been made to allow the game to be played the way it was designed – a wealth of starting gold, high starting level, fixed re-spawn timers and bigger bounties (more gold and experience) for minions and monsters.

perhaps the most hyped game modesimpli5

The effect of this is interesting – this environment and atmosphere, straight from the get-go allows the inherently fun and quirky game mode to open up to competitive styles of play and appeals not only to players with this mindset, but would do so even more if trialled as a competitive mode. How does Blitz accomplish this?

When players are starting at a relatively high level and with a hefty chunk of gold, it automatically puts the battle into mid-late game which not only affects the heroes themselves but also the sentiments of the players controlling them. Players get the option to test their new item build strategy immediately, and as the mode revolves around objectives team-fights are inevitable. Skills – especially mechanics would play, therefore, a crucial role in Blitz. Unlike other modes such as Casual and Ranked where there are a lot more factors affecting the result of critical team-fights (and which undeniably add more weight given the period of time and sequences they take to come to fruition), these important team-fights in Blitz happen quickly within the first few seconds of the game – and on an equal footing. This heightens the usefulness of pure mechanics and game sense – and this in itself develops a beautiful and exciting perspective for everyone to look through and consider. Food for thought, if you will.

by Simpli5

VGL Editorial Staff Writer