Special VGL Blitz rules

  • Teams need to sign up and check-in in order to get a spot!
  • Brackets will be shuffled 100% randomly
  • Current Evil 8 teams need to sign up as well but will be checked-in automatically by VGL
  • All matches will be played in a Best-of-three (Bo3)
  • Semifinals, Third place match and Finals Best-of-five (Bo5)
  • Teams are not allowed to pick the same hero twice in a Series (Bo3, Bo5)
    (example: If Team A played Petal, Ozo & Rona in Game 1, Team A is not allowed to pick those heroes in Game 2 and, if happening, Game 3
  • If you look at the tournament bracket (once seeded), the upper team of the matchup will start as Team A (blue team). After game 1, sides are going to be swapped
  • All teams have to join the VGL Discord Server in order to check in, report scores and be available to talk to
  • Teams which are not present will not be seeded into the tournament.
  • The winning team has to take and keep screenshots available for all matches throughout the continuation of the tournament