Special VGL Blitz rules

Teams have to check in via Discord on June 26 from 00:01 – 23:59 CEST.

Example: “Team A checks in for VGL Blitz

If your team did not check-in you will lose the spot and another team from the waiting list will take it.

  • If the known middle Sentry bug will be used, the team immediately will be disqualified from the entire season. Proof via video required.
  • Teams need to sign up and check-in in order to get a spot!
  • Brackets will be shuffled 100% randomly
  • Current Evil 8 teams need to sign up as well but will be checked-in automatically by VGL
  • All matches will be played in a Best-of-three (Bo3)
  • Semifinals, Third place match and Finals Best-of-five (Bo5)
  • Teams are not allowed to pick the same hero twice in a Series (Bo3, Bo5)
    (example: If Team A played Petal, Ozo & Rona in Game 1, Team A is not allowed to pick those heroes in Game 2 and, if happening, Game 3
  • If you look at the tournament bracket (once seeded), the upper team of the matchup will start as Team A (blue team). After game 1, sides are going to be swapped
  • All teams have to join the VGL Discord Server in order to check in, report scores and be available to talk to
  • Teams which are not present will not be seeded into the tournament.
  • The winning team has to take and keep screenshots available for all matches throughout the continuation of the tournament
The winning team has to update the toornament.com widget. We suggest to use the toornament app to update the tournament outcome there. If you have trouble to do so (use the email address your team is registered with), we suggest to check out the VGL Discord Server and ask Admins for help.