Challenge Battles Split 2

VGLChallenger Series


On May 6th, the top three VGL teams of Split 2, namely Reliable Union, Denial eSports and Lemon & Lime will take on the bottom three teams of the Vainglory 8 Rising Lotus, Fluffy Chickens and Mousesports – Matches will be played in a Best of Five format including the double ban draft format from Vainglory Eight

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But who did the VGL teams pick?


Reliable Union VS

Reliable Union, a team very little people would expect to win VGL Split 2 came out on top. They had first right to chose their opponent and they chose mousesports. Mousesports was able to win Split 1’s Challenge Battles and secured their spot in the Vainglory 8. Sounds like a tough decision they’ve made. According to Reliable Union, they want to have the “most easy” entry towards Vainglory 8 Summer Season. If mouz performs again like they did in the Split 1 Challenge Battles 100% action is guaranteed!


Denial esports VS

Denial eSport were knocked down in Split 1 Challenge Battles after being placed 7th in the Vainglory 8. Now, with entire new roster they picked Rising Lotus as their opponent.

Rising Lotus already qualified for the Live Championships in London by claiming 6th spot in the Vainglory 8.

Interesting fact: Two Player’s who played for Reliable Union left the team to change Denial eSport prior to the start of Split 2


Lemon & Lime VS

Lemon & Lime have to face the last remaining team – Fluffy Chickens in Challenge Battles Split 2. In Split 1, Lemon & Lime took the risky path by picking Rising Lotus (who had the most points; high chance to qualify for London) but lost in a breathtaking series.

Now – Lemon & Lime “only” being placed third in VGL they had to wait for the other two teams to pick. An interesting matchup is about to happen for sure. Both teams fight, as all others, about a Vainglory 8 spot in the Summer Season 2017