VGLChallenger Spotlight


Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, Zeropr0cent. Please tell us a little bit about yourself, how you got into Vainglory and what makes Vainglory unique to you?

My name is Michael “Zeropr0cent” Kooij , I’m 21 years old and I’m a competitive Vainglory player for Draconic eSports I’m main the captain of the team. Let’s see, I got into Vainglory actually due to the fact that I was looking in the App Store for new games & saw Vainglory in the spotlight 2 years back now, I believe. I already had played different mobile MOBAs but it didn’t feel right until I started to play Vainglory. Vainglory is unique to me that the games are fast paced and there is always so much action to find somewhere on the fold, especially for an aggressive captain as myself I prefer fast paced & the game modes beside ranked are amazingly fun to play if you have to go to school or work, just play a quick blitz & time flies.

When did you start to play (Vainglory) competitive and why?

I officially started playing competitive in the Spring Season of 2016, that was when I came back from a break I had for 4 months due to me being in school a lot had changed in those 4 months but I could quickly recap myself & join the game quickly at the highest level. My dream was also to play on a competitive level of a game that I enjoy, having over roughly 6 years MOBA-experience in general & saw how Vainglory had a real competitive side to it, I gave it a shot & faced many different teams in the VGL & VIS (at that time).

In the past you played in the VGL Challenger Series and made it all the way to the top three, playing the Challenge Battles. Unfortunately this you did not make it into the Vainglory 8 – tell us a little bit about the new organization you are now working/playing for.

The previous VGL Challenger Series were indeed quite intense reaching the top three was one of my most precious moments for me because I felt we could actually do it, although it was quite unfortunate to loss to SK gaming (they are a great team and friends). Since December, Draconic eSports is my own organisation – I became the full fledged owner of it. I joined Draconic eSports when we were mid Challenger Series. The founder Leighton “TheUnixXz” Jackson had become a good friend over time and eventually reached out to me to join Draconic eSports when the team was previously called Team Ragnarok, after a while Leighton had to merge Draconic eSports with another organisation but I was determined to make Draconic eSports great since it had a lot of potential and so I worked a lot behind to scene and eventually Draconic eSports was mine and that what it is today. With teams across the globe in: North America, Europe & Australia.

Sounds like you are not playing as a starter for Draconic eSport and you’re more focusing around the players and their performance. Talking about “talent” – how would you describe the amount of new, high skilled players into the fold? Is it hard to find them – what is your experience here?

I definitely focus around on my players and performance, I care a lot of how they are mentally in the game; without a good mindset going into games, the games will become quite rough especially with all the new talent that is rising in the game. I have seen a lot of talent-highly skilled players in the offseason and new people rise up from the ground everyday wanting to be recognised. Personally finding the right players is always the hardest task: what works good with team? , How will the synergy be like & eventually we picked up a solid 4-man squad including: Arseniy “Q1nn” Grimailov , Thielemann “Sn3aKy” Hagen, Manuel “PRZ” Pérez & Myself but with recent leave of PRZ I personally might step back into playing fully again and letting my Co-owner manage the organisation while I’m playing, but I expect nothing more of the 3 of us getting absolute high ranking in the next upcoming VGL Challenger Series.


  • Michael “Zeropr0cent” Kooij


  • Arseniy “Q1nn” Grimailov


  • Thielemann “Sn3aKy” Hagen


Is there any specific training / schedule for your team – how do they prepare for the tournament?

We as a team meetup whenever we can to practice otherwise we train ourself in Solo Queue to practice individual mechanics, but whenever possible we train as 3 man and go into ranked queue to face other full teams. We mainly focus on our communication, we think if our communication is solid and vision control is good we can win by that, but we are also experimental we like to test out new stuff aswell to see how they would fit in our role and the meta itself.

What are your goals for the upcoming VGL Challenger Series?

Our goals are similar to all the other Challenger teams reach the top 3 & defeat a Vainglory 8 team to advance to the Vainglory 8 yourself, we are eager to show the upcoming series that we are a force to be reckon with and we will do our best to give a good match to the viewers at home, who will be watching the VGL Challenger Series.

Which team can be your hardest enemy in the VGL Challenger Series?

I definitely think Fluffy Chickens will be the team that will give us the hardest time in the VGL, although I think we can expect some more from the other teams like Excel eSports but other then that I think we can make a good run to get into the top 3.

Thank you very much for your time and good luck in the VGL Challenger Series!

Thank you for having me & see you all on the fold.


Draconic eSports is a professional eSports organisation that was founded in 2015 by Leighton “TheUnixXz” Jackson. Draconic eSports has been a good organisation with teams in multiple scenes including Call of Duty , Vainglory , BattleBorn & more. In late 2015 the organisation got disbanded due the scams & whatever by Aaron Clement at that time, but in 2016 the organisation was restarted by Leighton Jackson (Owner) and Michael Kooij (Chief Operating Officer) to make the organisation legalised to become a full established organisation, people slowly gained faith back into Draconic eSports when Michael Kooij gained ownership of the organisation & since then everything went uphill for the organisation with new staff, new ownership and a better infrastructure the organisation ever had.