VGLChallenger Spotlight


Hi Alvaro, please tell us a little bit about yourself and your background which led you into gaming.

I have always been interested on strategy games, but I’m actually better known as youtuber. It has been almost four years since my first uploaded Clash of Clans video, and nowadays I have one of the biggest mobile gaming channel in the world. This passion for creating and sharing content to everyone is what has taken me to know so many games in last years, including Vainglory.

That being said how did you come to the idea to found the organization Team Queso which is entirely focusing on mobile eSports?

On YouTube I have always followed the idea of specializing in mobile gaming, a market niche previously uncovered. Now, on eSports, the same thing is happening, and even thought there are very renowned organizations starting to appear on the Vainglory competition sphere, no one of them have taken the step with the energy we believe it deserves. It is true that electronic sports on mobile devices have still a huge road ahead, but we consider going to great lengths in mobile gaming is a good choice, since in 2016 the mobile devices was the most profitable platform among the whole videogame industry.

You have been active personally throughout the past year regarding Vainglory. You attended Live Championships, created YouTube videos and so forth. Now, that you run an entire organization, how will this affect what you’ve done in the past?

I think, as point of fact, that we have been kept so nearly of Vainglory since its origin, both in Hispanic community and international events helps me to have a better understanding of Vainglory competitive scene. After all, in this events I have been lucky to know a lot of people in eSports field, from players to directive staff, which allows me to understand better how all the big teams work, so we can try replicating this knowledge on Team Queso.

Exciting! The organization started with Vainglory and a Clash Royale team. Mobile eSports is a new thing and basically just started. Too early to found an entire organization around this or just the right timing?

Hopefully it’s the right timing! I do believe that mobile eSports will explode at some point around 2017 and 2018, so we need to be ready when that happens. For the time being we will be focused on two games: Vainglory, because of its determined eSports vocation; and Clash Royale, because of its spectacular fan base. But even though we start with two games, we will be especially aware to new mobile phone appearing tittles, which could perform as an eSport game.

Team Queso is seeded in the Top 10 of VGL Challenger Series Split 1. Tell us a little bit about the Vainglory roster, the players itself and what your expectations for this Season are

Talking about the roster, we have started with a little but talented Spanish group. PRZ knows how it feels to be on the top of Challenger Series and what disputing a live final means, AmanojaKu have played too many games with him in the past, and DarkGhost is one of the most skilled Spanish players, who have even been tested by some of the best competition teams. It is going to be difficult for us the 1st split because there are teams like Flufly Chicken, Lemon & Lime or VVaves, who have been training together more time, being the favourites, but we have our hopes set on seeing where we could get. If in Split 1 we don’t step onto the Vainglory8, we expect to do it in Split 2.

Pretending Team Queso makes it into the Challenge Battles. Which team would be your favourite team to face?

If we had to choose, we’d rather face Team Secret so we make a grand entrance into Vainglory8. Talking seriously, it is difficult to choose one of the 8 teams hardest to beat. SK Gaming has suffered in the past but with Kvalafar signing I guess they will get more points this year. G2, Fnatic and Team Secret neither should be in troubles. Rising Louts has lost against Keanu, Avalanche has mostly renovated its whole roster, it feels as though mousesports it is going to have some difficulties this year, and we must be seen how Beyond Horizon handle Vainglory8. Anyway, we have to work in our Challenger objective and, if it is the case, we will play to win against whoever we face.

Thanks for your time, good luck in the VGL Challenger Series and maybe we’ll see a “mouse VS cheese” Challenge Battle!


Team Queso is the first eSports organisation exclusively dedicated to mobile games. It is born with the conviction that Mobile Gaming is the future of competitive sports in a world everyday more connected, where millions of people have at their disposal de means to access the competitive scene without specific devices or gaming computers. We know that online games connect people from everywhere in the world, but doing it in Mobile allows us to meet each other and play together whenever,wherever.

We are a group of core gamers that believe in what we do and work hard to make Team Queso a well-known team in the starting mobile competitions that are appearing both at national and international level. But above all, we love what we do.

We integrate remarkable players in national scope and we count on our founder, Alvaro845, whose mobile gaming channel with more tan 2.6 million subscribers is the perfect way to make our news to arrive thousands of people. Also, we have many specialists in different áreas to reach excellence with all their contributions.

We start with a game that has been pioneering the competitive scene of mobile gaming, Vainglory, that already has a very implied community with many different competitions and with a prize pool of more tan $600,000 in 2016. Also, we will start with Clash Royale, best game of the year 2016 both in App Store an Google Play Store, and which is starting to be considered an eSport with some great competitions like the King’s Cup in LA where the prize pool reached $100,000.

We are born with few games, those that we know best and that we love, and we are also born at home, the Hispanic Community of Mobile Gaming. But we are also born with the wish of growth, become international, and always with the enthusiasm for discovering new games to enjoy and new people to share them with.