Vainglory eSports is split up into Seasons. Namely: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Each Season lasts around 2-3 months and is devided into two splits.
Each Season is divided into two Splits. In Vainglory Eight teams play seven matches during a split and collect important points to participate at the (Unified) Live Championships.

VGL Challenger Teams can sign up for Split one and two individually and compete.

In VGL, each Split contains a Double Elimination, 64 team tournament,
Mode: Best-of-Three including ingame-single-ban-draft (no double ban like Vainglory Eight).

Vainglory Eight will play a Single Elimination tournament each weekend with a Best-of-Three format

Teams need to sign up. VGL selects the top 64 teams based on their in-game-ranking (ELO). We take the average of the best three players of the in-game-team (max five members) and also consider past event performance.
Top Three placed Challenger teams (1st, 2nd and 3rd) will fight against bottom three Vainglory Eight teams (6th, 7th and 8th) in a Best-of-Five series including Double-Ban-Draft.

Matches are scheduled to happen on April 8th.

The first challenger seed picks their opponent from the bottom three
teams of the Vainglory Eight.
● The second challenger seed picks their opponent from the remaining
two Vainglory Eight teams.
● The final challenger team must play the remaining unpicked Vainglory
Eight team.

If the Challenger Team wins against the Vainglory Eight team, the Challenger Team takes all points of the beaten Vainglory Eight team

If the Challenger Team wins the Challenge Battles at the end of Split 1 – Challenger Team continues to play in Split 2 in Vainglory Eight

… at the end of Split 2: Challenger Team does qualify for the next Season Eight’s participation in Vainglory Eight.

With 2017, Super Evil Megacorp (“SEMC”) introduced the Unified Live Championships.

In the past, North America and Europe had their own Live Championships. Starting with the Spring Championships 2017, the Championship will be held unified.

This means, top six (6) of each Vainglory Eight region (NA & EU) will make it towards the Unified Live Championships. Starting with Europe for the Spring Live Championships and followed with North America for Summer etc.