AppBounty’s Royale Fox Hunt

We are happy to introduce a new, action packed event series to VGL – AppBounty’s The Royale Fox Hunt!

This event series will kick off this Saturday, May 28 at 7 PM CEST on . As for a “Fox Hunt” of course there has to be a fox who get hunted! The kickoff event’s Fox will be SK Gaming.

So, how to hunt SK Gaming?

Sign up here for the Fox Hunt, add “vaingloryleague” (EU Server) and make sure to be ready between 7-10PM CEST while we are live. We will select random teams in advance who can try their best to beat SK Gaming.

Now the tricky part: You have to beat SK Gaming in the new game mode Battle Royale! And guess what – re-rolling is not allowed. Who will have the luck of the draw?

If you take down SK Gaming three times in a row you will receive 3x 8000 ICE. If SK Gaming is undefeated after facing five teams, SK Gaming does escape the hunt and takes away half of the prize pool, leaving the other half of if which will be going on top of the next event!

Can the Fox be Hunted?  Find out together with your host bluberryz and the amazing casters Humanist and Action Jackson

Make sure to tune in in on and participate in our viewer giveaway! We will be giving away 3x 25 EUR iTunes or cards to the viewers!

Join the the AppBounty’s Royale Fox Hunt Discord Server to chat about the event and find team mates to register! Make sure to be there with the same user name as signed up for the event.

About AppBounty

AppBounty is the best way to unlock Vainglory content for free! Make sure to use the code “VGL” when signing up with AppBounty to get 50 starting points. Using AppBounty is easy & simple

1. Visit

2. Collect Credits

3. Redeem Your Credits for iTunes & Amazon Gift Cards which you can turn directly into ICE to unlock Heroes, Skins, Boosters and more!

Together with this new event series we are doing a giveaway of 3x 25 USD gift cards! Participating is easy: just follow this link and proceed with the described steps!

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