VGL Autumn Season 2016

We are happy to announce the VGL Challenger Series 2016!

With the Autumn Season 2016 we will have a couple of changes to our structure. Instead of individual tournaments we will host a 64-team Double Elimination Bracket which will be split into two 32 Team Brackets called “Group A” and “Group B” for each split, respectively. All matches will be a Best-of-3. Teams can apply now via to get their spot. Below, you can find the schedule for this season. The exact match times will be added below as well. However, all streams start at 5PM GMT . Please note that dates and specific times are still subject to change.

Make sure to claim your spot now – can you fight all your way through the VGL Challenger Series and create another Cinderella-Story like SNOW Avalanche did?


1st $900 – 2nd $600- 3rd $500

September 27 – October 15

Tuesday, September 27 – Group A

Wednesday, September 28 – Group A

Tuesday, October 4 – Group B

Wednesday, October 5 – Group B

Tuesday, October 11 – Both Groups

Wednesday, October 12 – Both Groups

Saturday, October 15 – CHALLENGE BATTLES


1st $900 – 2nd $600- 3rd $500

October 26 – November 9

Tuesday, October 26 – Group A

Wednesday, October 27 – Group B

Tuesday, November 1 – Group A

Wednesday, November 2 – Group B

Tuesday, November 8 – Both Groups

Wednesday, November 9 – Both Groups

Friday, November 12 – CHALLENGE BATTLES

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