VGL Challenger Series

The VGL Challenger Series are kicking off next week Tuesday!

To lead teams well prepared into the Summer Season, this article will provide a couple of information about the Summer Season of Vainglory eSports.

Where can I apply?

Make sure to apply with your team here  – application is closing this Friday, July 1st!

When does it start?

VGL match days are Tuesday, July 5 and Wednesday, July 6 // 5PM GMT (EU) // 5PM PDT (NA)

How many teams will be able to play?

32 Teams total – selected based on ELO and past event performance

Which format is going to be played?

32 -Team – Single Elimination Tournament

TuesdayRound of 32Best of 1
TuesdayRoundof 16Best of 1
TuesdayQuarterfinalsBest of 3
WednesdaySemifinalsBest of 3
WednesdayThird Place matchBest of 3
WednesdayFinalsBest of 3

Where can I find the rules?

Please see the rulebook here – please note that the final version will be updated here soon!

When are the matches being played?

Matches are scheduled to start 5PM GMT (Greenwich Meantime) in Europe and 5PM PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) in North America. Please reserve enough time to play the several stages at one day

How do we qualify for points? 

For each win, your team will receive 1 (one) point. For participating in the Finals, your team will receive two (2) points. At the end of a split (three weeks), the top three teams of the Challenger Series will face the bottom three Teams of the Evil 8 in a Best of 5 Series.

Can I watch the matches?

Sure, make sure to head over to and watch all the madness there

Who is going to cast the matches next week?

For Europe, we are happy to announce FourCourtJester together with Action Jackson

For North America, no one else is going to call the action but Tasty Bacon (aka DasLeckerSpeck) and Humanist!

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